Monday, October 15, 2012


Maybe it is after pushing yourself and accomplishing your goals. Or maybe it is in the midst of the hectic life. And you just need a small refresher, a little reword.
Sweets or a fun purchase can be an unhealthy habit for rewarding for yourself. Find something healthy to enjoy!
Here are some of the things that restore quite in my soul and  make me happy::

Do something creative! Sometime you just need to take a minute and let all those inspired ideas loose.

Soak up the sunshine!

Enjoy the small miracles in the world.

Send a handwritten note.

Find inspiration from an era past!

Take a walk in nature.


Praise God!

Chat with a close friend!
Appreciate life's quarks!

Bring the outdoors indoors!

Have a lovely afternoon!


Jaunting: Redwood Forest, Ca

Magic. Majestic. Unbelievable. When you step in to the Redwood Forest, you step in to an atmosphere. It is like stepping into a prehistoric time, or another world, or an imaginary place that does not exist in real life. Yet there you are. In it. You are there, and you are filled up with awe, and and respect, and wonder, and smallness. The air is clean and cool and fresh, yet it is ancient. You melt away, and you become apart of this great scene, that goes on and on as far as you wish to wonder. Always discovering small new wonders, knit into this endless wonder.
Like a bunny in a big world.




Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jaunting: Central California

This is where grapes, citrus, walnuts, milk, and all things fresh come from. This is also where my family comes from! Back again to delight in the old huants. I good ole' time statisfyingly full of big meals, old stories, morning coffiee (looking over the valley!), traditions, and a general confusion of jolly merrimaking!

Little big bro
Automobiles from my Grandpops era!

Enjoying my Grandparent's Casa

Cousins Cousins everywhere! Giggling mischief making!
At the end of a good day!


Juliet Marie

Jaunting: Sierra Nevada Mountains

On this trip to Cali, I had the privilidge of experiencing the wonders of the Sierra Nevada Mountains!

I miss this place! It is stunning, drenched in the beauty of God!

Juliet Marie

Jaunting: San Fransisco

San Francisco was a delightful place to breeze through! The city is throbbing with energy! It's aged and time worn, and seems wise in it's ways. It is artsy. Artsy like a breathe of inspiration! It is flavored with traditions from around the world, yet San Fransisco is an American icon. After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, we enjoyed fish and chips on the wharf, topped off by some traditional sour dough bread!


Juliet Marie