Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sugar Coated World.

Cotton candy crumbs fall from the skies. They come down, deliciously fascinating. Suck in the pure, cold, air, and feel it cleanse your lungs. The world seems like a little nicer place than usual, all of it's rough edges frosted with white. The woods are filled with wonder and the whisper of snowflakes. I am in awestruck. Soak it in and eat it up!

Have a wonderful wintry day!


Psalm 92:1-4

DIY: Envelope Pocket.

It must have been a most wonderful inventor, the one who thought so properly of the splendid evelope. He must have lived a very long time ago, for people have been passing ever so many sorts of sentiments sealed in this paper ingenuity. I myself find it to be ever useful, when I have some sort of missage I seal them up nicely and send them off to far away destinations. The very nicest part of all, perhaps, is getting these flat little packages when I open my mailbox. I find myself thinking then, that envelopes are a most delightful discovery. If the envelope is, indeed, suitable for encasing something so nice as a letter, surely it must be advantageous for other goods. So I tried reconstructing it in cloth. And here tis:

An original envelope is a most excellent pattern. Just pin and cut! 
Iron a hem.
Ta-da! Paper mail is an obvious fun one, besides any such possibleitites as you'd wish to think up!
Such as something sweet.

Have a cozy afternoon!


Eph 4:22-23

Friday, February 17, 2012

Felicific Roads.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a counrty song? A nice one, where the people are all wearing vintage clothes and skipping down dusty, well worn lanes? Well, I never really have. Then, one of those moments came. And I could probably strum my guitar and sing it about it to you, but, well, I think I'd rather just communicate these things in a more silent manner. As you see.

That's all, folks!

Joshua 1:9