Monday, March 26, 2012

Inspired for spring

The weather felt like some angel had captured a little piece of heaven and put it in a jar (most likely an ever-useful mason jar, I'm thinking), and let it all out down here. If it's true that perfection didn't exist, the outdoors were within several point-0's of it. If being pessimistic made on happy, you'd be having a most horrid day. But the relations between my head and my closet were not on the best of terms. Although I'd probably gag the weather and a tie it up if it tried to get away, I was still loving all of my winter layers and combos. Crops and tanks just don't seem all that exciting. But I dutifully packed away my colored cords, pencil skirts, wrappy sweaters and cardigans, and everything else that goes with winter. And I (with some curiosity, I do admit) got down all thing springtime. Once I began thinking about floral skirts, breezy tops, shorts, sandals, little dresses and odd combos, my thoughts were riding in a shopping cart on a downhill catastrophe towards the springtime wardrobe. Here are some things that helped to inspire me so successfully:

Miss-matching and color-clashing are most likely one of my favorite bad habits. Crazy can also be done, if thought is put into it. If I miss-match colors, I like to think of the color wheel and use the complimentary colors. If I'm mismatching patterns, I usually keep the colors on the down-low, and play with contrasting prints. Then, there are those times when I do something with absolutely no rhyme or reason, but simply because it feels right. The easy rule is - go with your gut!

When I switch over my clothes I usually re-organize my closet arranging method. Last winter I put things in progressing warmth - layering pieces, like tanks, to heavy sweaters and coats. This summer I put everything in color order. My closet looks like a pre-schooler rainbow!

My most inspiring look the season is the feel of route 66 in it's boomday. The desert. The 1960's. Everyone is excited, minds are spinning fast. Everything is lighted up in it's glamorous best. I love New Mexico and it's Indian trappings. Turquoise jewelry, woven geometric blankets, and leather. I love the hot breeze and the red plataus. I love when this feel is echoed in clothing!

Palm Springs.


I am also crushing over happy shades of peach and bold red-oranges. I'm so fond of it that I shall probably have to restrain myself from overwhelming myself with too much of it.

Revlon Nail Polish.

Most of all, the trick for fashion happiness is contentment. This is the most trying trick to conquer, but it accomplishes the most. I'm still working on this one, but I couldn't be happier!

Juliet Marie

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's not hard to see through!

Clearly, glasses. I love how they revolutionize an outfit. I've been having especial fun with these 1950's schoolgirl version from OU. I think of a typist with a cute little bob, red lipstick, and a pencil skirt. With summer comes sunglasses, and the ones who come in luscious shades make me happy! They are such fun, if if they do tend to make one a shady character!

Juliet Marie

Saturday, March 17, 2012

FE FI FO FUM: I smell coffee!

Coffee dates are likely the most efficient thing known to mankind. (Maybe) Talk over everything (that about says it all), solve most of the world's problems (leaving some for next time, of course), and naturally, drink coffee.
The friend is absolutely essential to this coffee date practice!

Juliet Marie

The LumberJacks are back!

I think of lumberjacks as people who are hardy, hard working, and strong spirited. People who have good times and relish life in the middle of the woods. Some of them good, some of them bad. I've never had a chance to live a real day in the life, but I took a shot at a day in the garb. And great fun it twas!

Happy Lumberjacking people!

Juliet Marie

DIY: make a declaration!

Artsy Heartsy: here's something for rhyming adjectives to rightfully describe. This lovely project speaks volumes!

Gather Together:
  • Discarded cardboard - cereal boxes, soda packs, or any unfulfilled cardboard.
  • Sharp knife
  • Paint of your whim
  • Brush
  • Ink
  • Twine or ribbon

Cut heats from cardboard and paint the raw side. Let dry.

Using ink, paint your letters in whichever way pleases you most!

Cut holes in each side, that the twine may attach each heart.

Thread twine. I used a thin piece of fabric.

Like so.

There you have it! Hang for festivities.

Juliet Marie

My friend (the original inspiration) made this one for me using favorite song lyrics!

Friday, March 16, 2012

DIY: A Bright Idea

Reverse the role of the ordinary  out-of-date brass chandelier; it's time to shine!

Arm yourself with:
  • A thrifted brass chandelier
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray paint in color of your whim- whatever it is you like, the chandelier will be just hunky-dory with it.
  • A nice spring day
  • Possibly an electric man of sorts

A hoary chandelier in the raw. 

The price sticker betrayeth you not: cheap.

Roughen up the finish with sandpaper in order to intice the spray paint into sticking.

Turn on the charm! And be proud of yourself. This is not an accomplishment to make light of!

I wouldn't want to keep you in the dark; it's true, chandeliers can also be quite a bit alluring with candles. The soft, ancient, glow adds massive atmosphere under star studded skies. Here's how:

 Gut the chandelier. This is not complicated: just take out anything that would get in the way of a candle. My brother did this for me with one of his nifty tools.
Think of medieval people and dinner party festivities!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Vintage Cravings

Vintage dresses. Cliche? Yeah. But there is some good sturdy character in a real true vintage dresses. When you put one on, you step into another time. Back to the sixties when people danced to records till thier feet ached and and ordered hamburgers and a malt from the guy in the white hat and apron. Spend the day in gallivanting about the 1960's. One little dress will do the trick. It's way to good to put up your sleeves! This particular favorite was thrifted in Exeter, California.

Swell times to you!

Juliet Marie

Re-cycling Secrets

Here's something to keep mum on. I just love thrifting. It's most exciting and quite entertaining all in the bargain. And don't you beat me to the good stuff! There is nothing quite like digging through old stuff, and you know it all has a story to tell. It makes you want to know what they would be, if you could hear all about them. Some of them you might not want to hear. There is nothing quite like the thrill of coming upon something really good. We made a day of thrifting it up, and had a most adventuresome time of it. I'm quite impressed with good junk. There more good deals you find, the more you want to find more. Infinity addiction.

My friend made her pretty headband all by herself. Isn't that clever?

Love each other. And good deals!

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen. Don't be prejudiced against hunting. Because deal hunting is just about one of the nicest things in existence. But remember. Hush, hush. Don't tell!
Good luck, all you bargain loving believers!

Juliet Marie