Monday, January 23, 2012

Of the Frontier.

I see people of the range as free and courageous, which is mammoth motivation for me to imitate their fashion. I love the lived in feel, care free, happy go lucky, easygoingness. She doesn’t chatter too much but her clothes are saying, “This outfit is one third of my wardrobe, I picked these worn in garments up some place, can’t remember where. I don’t really care but I’m ready to fight with the good guys. Tomorrow I’ll ride away kissed farewell by the dawn and welcomed by the dusk.”  We throw on the clothes, cock our pistols, and live the day with the life on our minds. We ride only automobiles and fight the battles of messy traffic scenes. We shoot only cameras, to capture what it might feel like to be Of the Frontier.

We face the battles of life and the frontiers of our minds every day. But somehow it never seems quite as exciting as the old west. Yet the liveliness of it's free and courageous spirit lives in us still.

Hook Up With A Solution For Tangled Situations.

When necklaces are in a heap, I find they end up as a charmed nest of golden snakes. Who wants to stick their hand in to sort through a mess like that?  I’d rather leave them home. Then they don’t do anyone any good. The only person who gets to see my necklaces is then is me, and that’s before I shudder and look elsewhere to rest my mind on something more tidy. Sometimes I feel that my head is more organized when my stuff is too. So I felt pretty good about this happy ending to the stereotypical messy state of ornamental things.

Well hello! How is that? I'll be hanged, or shall I say, I'll hang my necklaces. All of them. Better, yes?


Dripping Skies.

My sincere efforts at dressing down a little black dress. Taking the abrupt edge off of the old classic is no laughing matter. I tried taking it very seriously, which is not easy when you are trying to lighten up something as solemn as a little black dress. I employed a bobbing pony tail, an patched elbow cardigan, and the natural feel of leather belt and boots as my accomplices. I feel much more merry when I loose the piercingly professional attitude of blackness. My freed heart could dance in the rain and splash through the mud puddles!

A very jolly day to you,, whether the skies are smiling or crying!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Woodland Tea Party.

The woods are chalk full of adventures. They are full of the unknown, sticky spider webs, and dreams of the outdoor dining rooms of kings and queens from long ago.

You might even find a princess partaking in the victuals.
Sorting royal decrees and such.

The air was spicy sweet and full of mystery. Moss and brown leaves and spunky chipmunks and delightful things they did see. I have a little feeling that they shall be back again, and that is how it shall be.
And naturally, they shall keep on living happily ever after.

Quick And Delightful Ways of Wrapping It Up.

Not alot of things spice life up more than a special little package out of the blue. I've heard it is more blessed to give than to receive, and in cases like these wrapping it up is most of the fun! I've found that there is more to paper sacks than just the old school ways of taking your lunch. I love the happy feeling of raw brown paper and a pretty string.

I might have even gotten a little carried away with these.
Ribbons tie up the whole affair and give each one a unique personality.


A D.I.Y. Frame of Mind.

A corky twist on an old classic makes for fresh and fun. These vintage frames pretty much have the bees knees on elegant nostalgia. Even old frames that are roughed up a bit add an artsy flare and authenticity.
Here is what you need:
  • An old frame
  • Cork board
  • Utility knife
  • A love for creativity
A frame in the rough.

A frame in the rough.
The results. {"JOY" origniated is also a ripped up textbook creation.}

Carved textures are delightful, I find.
Twin successes. How pleasant is that?

And yes, maybe I am a little bit addicted to the swirly edges. Who could help it?

I can't resist framing the question -- Where will this take you? I would be thrilled to find out.
Juliet Marie

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meandering at Midnight.

If you find any symptoms of dullness, a midnight walk is usually an alarmingly successful cure-all. Something is absolutely bound to happen, rather you were looking for excitement or no. Glowing candles add an eerie element to where ever your jaunt may lead you. On one recent excursion, we came upon a monster, or a green alien, or something in of that sort. We screamed and ran for our lives, candles whisked out and leaving a smokey trail behind us. We stopped to catch our breath, and realized that a monster or a green alien was perhaps a little irrational. We looked out behind us the whole way home.

What are dreams made of?

Goodnight! Sleep tight or trot light.
Juliet Marie

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love and Hate.

I respect people who love to sew. I believe that being capable of nice feelings towards sewing is an impressive accomplishment. Every time a little inspiration pops into my head involving anything revovling around the act of sewing, a small battle in my mind quickly ensues. First my mind tells me that if I have something lovely in my head, I should make it exist. And of course I agree. But then my mind tells me that I will have to sew to put it into existence. And I quickly agree. Then my mind reminds me of all the not nice things I feel towards sewing. These sort of conflicting emotions where whirling around in my head one day, and evidently the part of my mind telling me I should overcome my dislikes of sewing won. Becuase I did sew.

Cutting is one of the very most fun parts of the process. Unless, of course, you cut wrong. Here are all the fragments of a once rather unlikely old skirt which had been hanging about.

Here is what became of it. Following pictures for proof of existence (and succes).

I even had the pleasure of wearing it to this very old little train station.

Scissors, Old Paper, and Inspiration.

We had a great deal of fun seeing what could become of an old book full of studies and things of that sort (that is, the sort that make you want to smote your brow and follow over after you have read the same setence for the nine hundred and eleventh time). I think maybe we will enjoy it more draped accrossed our dining room, yes?

To finish it off, we had to celebrate with a little feast under our nifty inventions.