Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY: Envelope Pocket.

It must have been a most wonderful inventor, the one who thought so properly of the splendid evelope. He must have lived a very long time ago, for people have been passing ever so many sorts of sentiments sealed in this paper ingenuity. I myself find it to be ever useful, when I have some sort of missage I seal them up nicely and send them off to far away destinations. The very nicest part of all, perhaps, is getting these flat little packages when I open my mailbox. I find myself thinking then, that envelopes are a most delightful discovery. If the envelope is, indeed, suitable for encasing something so nice as a letter, surely it must be advantageous for other goods. So I tried reconstructing it in cloth. And here tis:

An original envelope is a most excellent pattern. Just pin and cut! 
Iron a hem.
Ta-da! Paper mail is an obvious fun one, besides any such possibleitites as you'd wish to think up!
Such as something sweet.

Have a cozy afternoon!


Eph 4:22-23

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