Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jaunting: Key Largo, FL

It's in the name: Key Largo is low key. The sun rises on one side of the narrow strip of land, and sets on the other. Sprawling brightly colored resorts, sandwhich shops, palm silhouettes, clear milky green water, key lime pie, and bliss. Life is chill, from the time you wake up at whatever o'clock, till the time you fall asleep, at whatever o'clock. In between is just whatever too. It's the sort of life style that would probably be, strictly speaking, unhealthy, but when you're there, you really just don't care. So here's whatever:

Coconut Bay Resort: a comfortably home-y place
Small Inlets. There is actually a dolphin fin in this picture, the first of the pod that swam up!

Yacht Docks

Exploring the underworld! A colorful place to scuba dive.
Family - Dad who was the photographer :)


Mango Guava Smoothies

Sunset in the Keys

Then there's always the time to say goodbye, and whatever vanishes behind you.
Back to the real world!