Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love and Hate.

I respect people who love to sew. I believe that being capable of nice feelings towards sewing is an impressive accomplishment. Every time a little inspiration pops into my head involving anything revovling around the act of sewing, a small battle in my mind quickly ensues. First my mind tells me that if I have something lovely in my head, I should make it exist. And of course I agree. But then my mind tells me that I will have to sew to put it into existence. And I quickly agree. Then my mind reminds me of all the not nice things I feel towards sewing. These sort of conflicting emotions where whirling around in my head one day, and evidently the part of my mind telling me I should overcome my dislikes of sewing won. Becuase I did sew.

Cutting is one of the very most fun parts of the process. Unless, of course, you cut wrong. Here are all the fragments of a once rather unlikely old skirt which had been hanging about.

Here is what became of it. Following pictures for proof of existence (and succes).

I even had the pleasure of wearing it to this very old little train station.

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