Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meandering at Midnight.

If you find any symptoms of dullness, a midnight walk is usually an alarmingly successful cure-all. Something is absolutely bound to happen, rather you were looking for excitement or no. Glowing candles add an eerie element to where ever your jaunt may lead you. On one recent excursion, we came upon a monster, or a green alien, or something in of that sort. We screamed and ran for our lives, candles whisked out and leaving a smokey trail behind us. We stopped to catch our breath, and realized that a monster or a green alien was perhaps a little irrational. We looked out behind us the whole way home.

What are dreams made of?

Goodnight! Sleep tight or trot light.
Juliet Marie


  1. Juliet!! What a delightful thing you have started here! I especially love your profile thoughts and looking forward to reading more!

    Aunt Melissa