Monday, January 23, 2012

Of the Frontier.

I see people of the range as free and courageous, which is mammoth motivation for me to imitate their fashion. I love the lived in feel, care free, happy go lucky, easygoingness. She doesn’t chatter too much but her clothes are saying, “This outfit is one third of my wardrobe, I picked these worn in garments up some place, can’t remember where. I don’t really care but I’m ready to fight with the good guys. Tomorrow I’ll ride away kissed farewell by the dawn and welcomed by the dusk.”  We throw on the clothes, cock our pistols, and live the day with the life on our minds. We ride only automobiles and fight the battles of messy traffic scenes. We shoot only cameras, to capture what it might feel like to be Of the Frontier.

We face the battles of life and the frontiers of our minds every day. But somehow it never seems quite as exciting as the old west. Yet the liveliness of it's free and courageous spirit lives in us still.


  1. I have a book to give you, for your amusement, something along the lines of, "The Correct Guide to Letter Writing" by a member of the "Aristocracy".
    I've forgotten to pass it along once already, don't let me forget next time!
    Bye :)

    1. That sounds utterly delightful! I am looking forward to reading it very much, and I think I shall enjoy it immensly! Love, J.