Friday, March 9, 2012

Re-cycling Secrets

Here's something to keep mum on. I just love thrifting. It's most exciting and quite entertaining all in the bargain. And don't you beat me to the good stuff! There is nothing quite like digging through old stuff, and you know it all has a story to tell. It makes you want to know what they would be, if you could hear all about them. Some of them you might not want to hear. There is nothing quite like the thrill of coming upon something really good. We made a day of thrifting it up, and had a most adventuresome time of it. I'm quite impressed with good junk. There more good deals you find, the more you want to find more. Infinity addiction.

My friend made her pretty headband all by herself. Isn't that clever?

Love each other. And good deals!

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen. Don't be prejudiced against hunting. Because deal hunting is just about one of the nicest things in existence. But remember. Hush, hush. Don't tell!
Good luck, all you bargain loving believers!

Juliet Marie

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