Saturday, March 17, 2012

DIY: make a declaration!

Artsy Heartsy: here's something for rhyming adjectives to rightfully describe. This lovely project speaks volumes!

Gather Together:
  • Discarded cardboard - cereal boxes, soda packs, or any unfulfilled cardboard.
  • Sharp knife
  • Paint of your whim
  • Brush
  • Ink
  • Twine or ribbon

Cut heats from cardboard and paint the raw side. Let dry.

Using ink, paint your letters in whichever way pleases you most!

Cut holes in each side, that the twine may attach each heart.

Thread twine. I used a thin piece of fabric.

Like so.

There you have it! Hang for festivities.

Juliet Marie

My friend (the original inspiration) made this one for me using favorite song lyrics!

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